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Sep 8, 2018 Royal Orchid Central Bangalore

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E-Commerce marketing can be tough, especially with high competition, low conversion rate and high churn rate. Most of the time solutions to these problems can be found in the insights you gather from the analysis of traffic to your online store and from the online user behaviors. This makes it crucial for digital marketers and entrepreneur to master Google Analytics to better understand and plan the effective digital strategy. It provides the ability to track and optimize marketing campaigns by providing deep insights on multi-channel funnels and conversion attribution. The core analysis techniques are imperative in driving growth and success of digital business for retailers.

What will you learn?

Upon completion, participants will learn to:

  • Setup analytics for an E-Commerce Site
  • Analyze shopping behavior of visitors in an E-Commerce site
  • Understand sources of traffic and to measure ROI from each channel
  • Analyzing visitor profiles
  • Setting up E-Commerce Goals
  • Analyzing Campaign effectiveness
  • How to improve conversion rate?

Who should attend?

Business Owners interested in selling services or products online, Digital Marketing Professionals, eCommerce Developers.

Mode of training

50% hands on, 50% presentation.


Bring your own laptop to work through our hands-on exercises

Course level

Intermediate to Advanced



Aakash Khapare M has 7+ years of experience working with multiple technologies in application development and hands on experience with data analytics. He is also a Google Certified professional who works with businesses in E-Commerce, automobiles and Food & Beverages industries to increase their online sales.



Session 1

  1. What is digital analytics?
  2. Creating a google analytics code and how to use it.
  3. How to manage your analytics account?
  4. Accounts, Properties and Views
  5. Filters
  6. Google Analytics overview
  7. What data should be captured for an E-Commerce site
  8. How to capture data points for your ecommerce website using enhanced ecommerce feature and tag manager.
  9. What is a measurement plan and how to implement?
  10. How to setup goals for your business.
  11. Micro and macro goals
  12. Measure goal success.

Session 2

  1. ToDos before you start a campaign and how to measure outcomes?
  2. Measuring product performance
  3. How to analyse E-Commerce reports
  4. Creating custom reports and sharing.
  5. Setup site search to understand your customer needs
  6. Creating audience for re-marketing
  7. Creating sales report for your business using Data Studio

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