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Oct 25, 2018 Bangalore

Whether you're a Blogger, ECommerce Service provider, Corporate interested in a strong online presence or a business looking for leads, Google Analytics is the tool that would help you to assess and improve your online presence and business. Google Analytics provides you insights on site traffic, visitor demographics and behaviors, conversions, and ad performance.

What will you learn?

In this course, attendees gets hands on expertise in setting up and in interpreting insights from each of the reports. After the session, attendees should be able to measure which digital marketing activities is providing them expected results and measure ROI from each channels.

Who should attend?

This course is targeted to those who want a full understanding of Google Analytics and later want to get a Google Analytics certificate.

Mode of training

30% hands on, 70% presentation.


Laptop with high speed internet connectivity

Course level

Intermediate to advanced level



Aakash Khapare M has 7+ years of experience working with multiple technologies in application development and hands on experience with data analytics. He is also a Google Certified professional who works with businesses in E-Commerce, automobiles and Food & Beverages industries to increase their online sales.



Day 1
  1. What is digital analytics?
  2. Creating an account and setting up tracking using Tag manager.
  3. Managing your google analytics account.
  4. How google analytics works?
  5. Google analytics overview and basic reports
  6. Important terminologies in Google Analytics
  7. What’s the difference between a dimension and a metric?
  8. Basic reports and what they mean?
  9. Views, Filters, subdomains and cross domains (site linking)
  10. Custom dimensions, Custom Metrics and Events
  11. Analyzing reports with segments
  12. Understanding your audience.
  13. Source/Medium and how to use them?
  14. Understanding users and sessions.
  15. Types of reports available in GA.

Day 2

  1. Measurement plan and KPI (Micro and macro conversions)
  2. Google Analytics goals
  3. Integrating adwords with analytics
  4. utm parameters and how to use them?
  5. Enhanced E-Commerce setup using tag manager
  6. Setting up goals and how to measure success
  7. Shopping behavior analysis
  8. Funnel visualization
  9. Measuring ad performance
  10. Advanced reports and analysis
    1. Data segmentation and insights
    2. Analyse data by channel
    3. Analyse data by audience
    4. Analyse date with custom reports
  11. Multi-channel funnels and attributions
  12. Remarketing
    1. Creating audience for remarketing
    2. Dynamic remarking
  13. Custom reports, dashboards and alerts
  14. Performance comparison

Course Fee

INR 21,000 (Max 10 Attendees per Session )

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