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Sep 12, 2018 Online

This 1-day AdWords workshop from TeamSuccesso introduces delegates to Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising and how to leverage Google AdWords to run successful PPC campaigns for meeting your marketing Goals. PPC Campaigns can used for improving online sales, lead generation, mobile app downloads, website traffic and brand awareness.

Our hands-on Google AdWords Workshop focuses on how Pay-per-Click (PPC) works and how to run AdWords campaigns efficiently focused on delivering a better return on investment (ROI). We use real world examples and live accounts to demonstrate the foundations of running a successful AdWords campaign. For existing AdWords user, workshop is an ideal platform to learn techniques to reduce your AdWords bill.

What will you learn?

How to Identify right campaign types to meet business goal?

How to set up your PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign

How to define a Keyword Strategy?

How to write adverts with high CTRs (Click through rates)

How to improve conversion rate and reduce cost of acquisition

Who should attend?

Entrepreneurs, Digital Marketers, Marketing Professionals.

Mode of training

Webinar - 50% hands on, 50% presentation.


Laptop with High speed internet connection

Course level




Manoj K G has 18 years of industry experience in digital marketing and product development. Manoj has around 500+ hour classroom training experience to professionals. Manoj is a Certified AdWords Professional.



Introduction to Search Engine Marketing

How to select a Search strategy - Organic Vs Paid

Importance of Keyword Strategy and how to go about it

Setting up a Text Ad using Google AdWords

How Quality Score works and why it’s so important in the AdWords auction

How to create great text ad which works?

Ad Extensions - Why is it Important?

How to measure success in Text Ads?

How to stand out from the competition 

How to target your customers? by geography, language, device, and day parting

Conversion Tracking 

How to improve Conversions in Text Ads

Integrating AdWords with Search

Reporting in AdWords and what to measure

Course Fee

INR 12,000 (Max 10 Attendees per Session )

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