Online Brand Discovery explaination

The Challenge

The dealership was seeking to increase its digital presence and leads through online channels. But the paid search campaigns set up by the in-house team was costing more than INR 5,000 for generating online Test Drive enquiries.

Premium car - Our approach

Our Approach

Through a combination of text ads and display ads, TeamSuccesso was able to establish a recall value for the dealership in the niche target audience segment. Based on user search intent level and geographical fencing, we launched 16 different campaigns, maintaining an SOV of 85% and above. Day-parting, optimising search keywords, improving ad designs, and leveraging remarketing helped us achieve higher click through rates (CTR). A high Quality Score (>7) ensured the brand maintained first position in Google and Bing search listings.

The Rewards


Increase in CTR


Postion listing in popular search engines


Reduction in cost of conversion


Increase in sales