Online Brand Discovery explaination

The Challenge

The client wanted to boost his homestay among tourists with an inclination for the outdoors and adventure, and also improve the bookings during off-season periods.

Online Brand Discovery explaination

Our Approach

By creating an impactful landing page, improving their search ranking and optimising the feedback process, TeamSuccesso was able to establish a strong online presence for the business. We targeted review sites and travel and tourism forums for content amplification; we distilled search keywords from hundreds of possible terms to forty broad combinations; by surveying and analysing customer behaviour, we further narrowed down the list to ten most effective and relevant keywords to aid faster decision making. We also provided an app that the client could use to gather feedback from his customers without hassle and synced it to Facebook and other business review sites for real-time updates. Further, TeamSuccesso set up a strong content marketing strategy that encouraged tourists to share their experience through the blog, which translated to repeat customers.

The Rewards


Page listing on Google and Bing


Unique visitors per month


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in occupancy rate


Increase in returning customers