Online Brand Discovery explaination

The Challenge

While the app was able to generate downloads through the internal marketing efforts, the retention rate was going down. The app was only able to accomplish user retention rate of less than 10% in a three-month window. This made it difficult for the startup to gain traction and created concern among the leadership and investors.

Online Brand Discovery explaination

Our Approach

TeamSuccesso worked with the in-house marketing team to analyze the quality of user’s online journey when using app. Our priority was to identify customer drop-off points and analyze what caused the decision. Armed with data, our UX experts suggested UI redesign to enable users an enriching experience. By launching a full-scale brand awareness campaign backed up with deep links, location-based marketing and Predictive Insights, TeamSuccesso was able to drive downloads and increase the retention rate of active users.

The Rewards


Active users in six months




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